We believe that engaging in creative activities is a brilliant way to develop many vital life skills as well as being brilliant for your brain.

We enjoy sharing new creative experiences such as making sculpture, printmaking, textiles, painting, ceramics, 'extreme drawing', mosaic and more in artist lead family workshops.

We offer a Creative Arts Award Programme for those interested in gaining qualifications at the same time as discovering new things about themselves, nurturing self esteem and growing their confidence!

If you are interested or know a young person who might be interested at developing some creative skills and more please get in touch.

The Creative Programme

What does a creative activity do for you?: Engaging in creative activities help to build confidence, encourage problem solving, communication and accomplish mastery which also help to reduce stress.

Who can do it? We do not look for any particular aptitude or ability within the creative arts, we simply encourage you to go on your own creative journey. Our workshops are for young people and their helpful adult, that will support them.

How do we take the journey? We encourage young people to lead the way with the assistance of their helpful adult, who needs to document the process (taking photos, notes, scribing and praising their efforts) and we also ask that all participants & helpful adults join in the workshops and try out new skills as well as foster new communication skills with each other.

Why do we do it this way? There is much research that points to the benefits of engaging in creative activities and the impact that has on people of all ages. Creative engagement particularly helps with communication, confidence, minimising stress and maximising happiness! You can read more about the beneficial byproducts of creative experiences in our news section.

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Casa Polpo Studio

We have workshops in small groups (maximum of 4) and you can choose book a block of sessions for:

  • Pottery
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

New dates will be advertised on this page.

The Casa Polpo is a small garden studio in SW12.

Find us on instagram @casapolpostudio

We have a materials cost attached to some of the workshops.



If you have an enquiry or you are interested in participating please get in touch:

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