About me

After loving all the creative arts at school, dipping my toes in the waters of an acting career, achieving a degree in Fine Art, working as an illustrators representative in London & New York and working for 20+ years within the creative arts industries -not to mention learning to make soap, I now have 4 children who want to flex their creative muscles.

Although my children enjoy creative activities my eldest child never thought he was any good at drawing- so therefore was no good at 'doing art'. After supporting him with his arts award, I decided to broaden my childrens outlook a bit- with unexpected results. I found that through creative activities my children's self esteem was boosted, they gained inner confidence and abilities to express their creative ideas as well as communicate their ideas to others.

The knowledge and communication skills that my creative arts background has provided me a rich base from which to carve out a career. I feel that it also made me generally happy and fulfilled. It's only recently that neuroscience has begun to study and understand elements of creative thought and how it benefits people.

I have volunteered on the FAST (Families & Schools Together Programme) which focuses on fostering family development, reducing stress, creating community and neuroscience. I have trained with Trinity College London to deliver the Arts Award. I also work with artists who have focused on child-led creative arts.

This programme has been born out of all those elements with a website to support the ideas behind it and also to allow access to the wider creative community with a nod to neuroscience.

I hope to encourage creativity for young people without the rigidity of goal orientation- In short- I want them all to enjoy the journey and flex their creative muscles and be proud of their creations- which should provide them with lifelong benefits and skills.