Simple activities to try out at home

Take a look at the following links for some ideas on activities from home.


Relief Printmaking

How to make Paper Mache Clay

Making Collages


No matter what your creative arts focus we suggest you start a sketchbook which will provide a space to gather your thoughts. Remember its not just about pencils & drawing. You can stick, paint, smudge,print out and stick in photos, collect song lyrics or write some and more. 

Here are some examples of sketchbooks.

Get out and about: 

Try out this self lead Banksy Tour.

Many Galleries & Museums are free.

You can always try out an arts experience to get you started:


06 Jan 2017

Top Tips for Gallery and Event Visits.


Take pictures of your children at the event or gallery.

Collect names of artists.

Support your child to write commentary of what they discover on their blog- what it made them feel and what it means to them. Collect quotes from your children's thoughts on what they see.

Check with staff if photos are permitted in that particular place- different areas have different rules.


Art, drama, dance and music all make us feel things and think of other things.

Take yourself on a journey of discovery and find pieces or moments that make you feel things- like confused, suprised, think its funny and more.

Make sure you have your grown up with you to record what you say and what you like ( and don't like!).

It is your treasure hunt so what you find will not be the same for you as for someone else.

09 May 2016

Brancusi Bog Rolls


You can use any material to make sculptures and here is the proof.

New York based events designer David Stark turned a Brooklyn Museum fundraising bash into Brancusi-esque sculptures made of toilet paper rolls. We are impressed- you can Check them out here.

Here are some Brancusi sculptures to look at.

25 Apr 2016

Walk in sculptures and buildings

For unusual buildings and environmental sculptures take a look at:

You could go on the sculpture park trail at Alice Holt Forest in Surrey or stroll at the southbank to find a few including a Salvador Dali- of course you could always hop on one of the new Routemaster buses designed by Thomas Hetherwick.

Niki de Saint Phalle sculptures for a joyous sculpture, building and mosaic mix.

Anthony Gormley's work- like Another Place and Angel Of The North.

The Guggenheim in New York- designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Gaudi's Cathederal in Barcelona- now that is a project!

What would you like to dream up? 


07 Apr 2016

Inventive Mixed Media Techniques

Discover different printing, painting and mark making techniques. Read Amira Robinsons blog article which feature fantastic fun ways to make your mark.

30 Mar 2016

Learn to weave at home

If textile arts interest you, you may want to start with weaving.

Take a look at this Etsy Tutorial to try out a few ideas

* Top Tip: Remember that you can weave with many different materials not just wool- raffia/ cut up fabric/ plastic strips and more can be used to create interesting pieces.

01 Mar 2016

How to monoprint at home

Check out Craftsy's article on how to monoprint at home.

I would also suggest that you can use any drawing implement or fingers to mark make onto the back of an inked slide (rather than painting the ink directly onto the slide)


This will give you different effects. It's a good idea to try out everything!

There are also Gelliart pads that can help you try out other ways to print.

11 Feb 2016

Wet Felt Making

With a simple sushi mat and some soap you can have a go at some wet felt making. Lovely colours can be built up and you can enjoy them as pieces in their own right or start to construct a piece of work using it as your fabric.


04 Dec 2015

How to make a willow lantern

Autumn is here....why not cheer yourself up by making a willow lantern...don't forget to create your own sculpture ideas and shapes. Watch this video for the instructions.

We would suggest using an LED light, wet strength tissue paper, medium PVA glue and not a candle as in this video though!


10 Sep 2015

Creative activities you can do at home

Fancy trying out a bit of Sculpture on your kitchen table (often the place where all the best ideas start out) take a look at this how to guide from the Independent Art School.

01 May 2015