Don't forget the importance of The Arts as well as Maths & Science

The creative arts are a vital part of a winning recipe for education- incase anyone is forgetting this please read on to discover more.

09 Dec 2016

Learning Music Makes More Brain Connections

Research has been done into the benefits of learning music- read on to find out more.

22 Nov 2016

Children need to own it! Michael Rosen on how art is taught,

We believe that a creative journey must be led by yourself rather than taught. You need to discover and ultimatley feel pleased with your efforts- and there are no judgements on whether what you make is good or bad. Whether your are writing songs, performing plays or slapping paint about it is the process that matters most.

Read on to discover Michael Rosen's comments on how the arts are taught at school.

14 Sep 2016


Take a look at this report on the Fusion Effect.

Sussex universities recent report on the economic returns of combining science and art.

21 Jun 2016

The Importance of creativity in the classroom

Walter Blanding Jazz Musician speaks on what creativity with learning can do for you and how a creative skill (in this case Music) can help you discover yourself. This is the same for any creative discipline.

30 Mar 2016

Choosing Art, Design & Technology..

Why choose Art, Design & Technology as subjects for your GCSE's? Need to convince yourself or someone else? hopefully you don't but if you do you might want to watch this!

08 Mar 2016

The Arts have just as much value

Read on to find out more about the value and importance of arts education within schools in this TES article by teacher Rob Messik.

02 Mar 2016

Grayson's Seven Lessons In Creativity

An interesting article from Grayson Perry giving us 7 lessons in creativity. Brilliant food for thought!

05 Feb 2016

Creative Growth Center article in the NY Times

This is a brilliant and inspiring article on how makers with learning difficulties have risen to become highly valued collectable artists and is the story of The Creative Growth Centre in Oakland, California.

Read on to be inspired (It's rather a long article but worth the read!)

06 Jan 2016

Making art entreprenurial in modern times

This is something we focus on a little at TAC HQ- often when we finish art or creative degrees we don't know how to practise 'out in the world' and pay bills at the same time.

A friend of mine came out of art school and got a job typing in an estate agents office- she thinks she was the only one to do this but the reality is that if you haven't developed some skills at how to charge or access fees/ commissions for practising your creative talents (and are asked to drop fees or work for free for exposure as often happens to young makers) along side your creative education, you can all too often feel like you are starting at square one again with regards to earning a crust.

Read on to look at The Atlantic's article on how we often percieve the entrepreneurial elements of art and how it is today.

17 Dec 2015

The Value of arts & culture

This article is particularly interesting for the focus on creativity becoming part of every day education- not just an occasional focus along with many other aspects of how creativity can enrich lives and lead to better mental health.

Read & find out more here.


21 Oct 2015

The arts make us well rounded..

Article in todays Guardian warning of the results of lack of funding in the arts may bring Britain. Creative industries bring in almost 77 billion pounds a year which is 5% of the UK economy.

Read on to see the Guardians article. "The Arts make us well rounded." by Sarah Connolly.

17 Sep 2015

Book review: On Creating Innovators

This book is geared towards an American audience but looks like an interesting read:

 Creativity Research Book Review on Creating Innovators

An interesting extract: "Wagner acknowledges that while most of these young innovators are what one would consider to be “gifted,” there is still much to be learned from their upbringings and experiences. First and foremost, the parents of those highlighted played a key role in their success, but not in the ways that one might expect. These parents did not overschedule their children and did not map out a perfect plan. Instead they acknowledged their children as individuals who have their own ideas and intrinsic interests. They encouraged and helped them to pursue these interests by providing learning opportunities outside of school when the school did not offer it and they were not hung up on grades or end results. They allowed their children to explore, play, and fail." written by Beverly Zapatka Weihz, Buffallo State College.

13 Sep 2015

Art School Smart School BBC Programme.

Grayson Perry and Brian Eno on a Radio 4 Programme discussing Art Schools today.

16 Mar 2015

Arts and Culture in Education

We see artist Bob & Roberta Smith popping up in this guardian article about art subjects in education.

17 Feb 2015

Art Education & The Government

Read on to find out what says about the value of art subjects in Education.

30 Jan 2015

Creative industries are responsible for billions of government revenue

Given that the national curriculum changes and education secretary are actively sidelining creative subjects and claiming that studying them can narrow a persons career choices- the governments recently published article on creative industries billion pounds of revenue seems to appear quite the contrary.

Two main facts from this report are;

  • Growth of almost 10% in 2012, outperforming all other sectors of UK industry
  • Accounted for 1.68 million jobs in 2012, 5.6 per cent of UK jobs

Put that in your pipe Nicky Morgan. 


07 Dec 2014

Education and creativity

01 Oct 2014