Once a day keeps the blues at bay!

No talent required- simply do a creative task everyday and you will be happier...find out more about that here!

05 Dec 2016

Learning Music Makes More Brain Connections

Research has been done into the benefits of learning music- read on to find out more.

22 Nov 2016

Art Therapy & wellbeing

Read on for an article by Rachel Finn/ Vice on Art Therapy and it's role in mental health & wellbeing,

03 Aug 2016

The Importance of creativity in the classroom

Walter Blanding Jazz Musician speaks on what creativity with learning can do for you and how a creative skill (in this case Music) can help you discover yourself. This is the same for any creative discipline.

30 Mar 2016

Artist's Brains Work Differently

Radio 4 has highlighted a study that has looked at the neurological aspects of Artists brains. You can listen to the program from this link or read more about Artists Structurally diffrerent brains.

01 Mar 2016

Creative Growth Center article in the NY Times

This is a brilliant and inspiring article on how makers with learning difficulties have risen to become highly valued collectable artists and is the story of The Creative Growth Centre in Oakland, California.

Read on to be inspired (It's rather a long article but worth the read!)

06 Jan 2016

The Value of arts & culture

This article is particularly interesting for the focus on creativity becoming part of every day education- not just an occasional focus along with many other aspects of how creativity can enrich lives and lead to better mental health.

Read & find out more here.


21 Oct 2015

Grown ups colouring in is good for your mind

My brother-in-law's ex used to colour- she was about 36 at the time. I thought it was a bit odd but she definatley enjoyed doing it and kept a number of colouring books to hand.

It seems she was on to something which is swiftly becoming a popular way to relax and achieve better mental health to boot!

Take a look at this Guardian article on the benefits to mental health from colouring in.

02 Apr 2015

How art can improve mental health an exhibition.

Take a look at this exhibition information from Bethlem Hospital talking about the relationship between Art and mental health.

24 Feb 2015

Some excellent happiness questions answered

We all want our children to be happy...here are some questions answered relating to just that in this huffington post article.

06 Feb 2015

Creativity, Neuroscience & mental health

This is an interesting article all about creativity and Neuroscience for a bit of bedtime reading perhaps.


02 Nov 2014