Art is everywhere it seems!

This is nicely magical- Art is everywhere. 

When you choose to make a new piece of art from older art it quickly changes the meaning or message of what you want to say. Sometimes with funny results!


09 Jan 2018

Using Social Media as an art platform

Artist Cindy Sherman is using Instagram & Apps to create new artwork..sometimes with hillarious results. It's interesting to see artists embrace social media, which becomes a platform to bring artworks to new wider reaching audiences. 

See Cindy here!

07 Nov 2017

Music Moves you Up!

How to improve the school results: not extra maths but music, loads of it

An article from the guardian

A Bradford primary school wants the world to know its newfound Sats success is down to giving all children up to six hours of music a week Abiha Nasir, aged nine, walks quietly into the small classroom, takes a seat, adjusts her hijab and picks up the drumsticks. A shy smile spreads across her face as she begins to play. She was just five when she turned up at Feversham primary academy’s after-school clubs, leaving teachers astounded by her musical ability and how her confidence grew with an Read the full story

03 Oct 2017

21st Century Skill.

15 Feb 2017

Arts Award Impact Study

Download the impact study from Arts Award.

Going through the creative journey of an Arts Award can help build so many skills and help you know yourself a bit better.


01 Feb 2017

The Empathy Instinct

Peter Bazalgette's book The Empathy Instinct is all about the creative arts and its important relationship with empathy.

Read on to find out more in his article from the Guardian.

22 Jan 2017

Arts, craft & the nobel prize.

There has been some research into looking at scientists who follow creative persuits and the winners of the nobel prize. Appearing on the Priceconomics website this article looks at the correlation between arts and crafts and a nobel prize,


"It appears that artistic development and scientific productivity are closely related -- experience in the arts enriches ones skills in the sciences. The authors’ theory is that, “there exist functional connections between scientific talent and arts, crafts, and communications talents so that inheriting or developing one fosters the other.” Rosie Cima- Priceconomics.

15 Apr 2016

Nesta finds no creative robots and looks at where creatives cluster.

It's interesting to note this article by Nesta about the areas creatives are in and also how creatives are least likely to be vulnerable to automation in their roles.


04 Feb 2016

Raising Creative Children

We like any article that encourages the idea of children finding their creative muscles, child led creativity is definately what we are promoting here too!:

NYTimes article: How to Raise a Creative Child: Step One Back Off by Adam Grant

We particularly love this extract: 

"In science, winning a Nobel Prize is less about being a single-minded genius and more about being interested in many things. Relative to typical scientists, Nobel Prize winners are 22 times more likely to perform as actors, dancers or magicians; 12 times more likely to write poetry, plays or novels; seven times more likely to dabble in arts and crafts; and twice as likely to play an instrument or compose music."


29 Jan 2016

Creative Growth Center article in the NY Times

This is a brilliant and inspiring article on how makers with learning difficulties have risen to become highly valued collectable artists and is the story of The Creative Growth Centre in Oakland, California.

Read on to be inspired (It's rather a long article but worth the read!)

06 Jan 2016

The Value of arts & culture

This article is particularly interesting for the focus on creativity becoming part of every day education- not just an occasional focus along with many other aspects of how creativity can enrich lives and lead to better mental health.

Read & find out more here.


21 Oct 2015

The arts make us well rounded..

Article in todays Guardian warning of the results of lack of funding in the arts may bring Britain. Creative industries bring in almost 77 billion pounds a year which is 5% of the UK economy.

Read on to see the Guardians article. "The Arts make us well rounded." by Sarah Connolly.

17 Sep 2015

Book review: On Creating Innovators

This book is geared towards an American audience but looks like an interesting read:

 Creativity Research Book Review on Creating Innovators

An interesting extract: "Wagner acknowledges that while most of these young innovators are what one would consider to be “gifted,” there is still much to be learned from their upbringings and experiences. First and foremost, the parents of those highlighted played a key role in their success, but not in the ways that one might expect. These parents did not overschedule their children and did not map out a perfect plan. Instead they acknowledged their children as individuals who have their own ideas and intrinsic interests. They encouraged and helped them to pursue these interests by providing learning opportunities outside of school when the school did not offer it and they were not hung up on grades or end results. They allowed their children to explore, play, and fail." written by Beverly Zapatka Weihz, Buffallo State College.

13 Sep 2015

Leading The Field -A Review on the creative industries

It's long and it's detailed but worth a read if you have time. This was written by John Woodward and commissioned by the Labor Party before the general election to help them gain a deeper understanding of British Creative Industries.

Leading The Field review- March 2015

27 Mar 2015

Creative industries are responsible for billions of government revenue

Given that the national curriculum changes and education secretary are actively sidelining creative subjects and claiming that studying them can narrow a persons career choices- the governments recently published article on creative industries billion pounds of revenue seems to appear quite the contrary.

Two main facts from this report are;

  • Growth of almost 10% in 2012, outperforming all other sectors of UK industry
  • Accounted for 1.68 million jobs in 2012, 5.6 per cent of UK jobs

Put that in your pipe Nicky Morgan. 


07 Dec 2014