The Golden Rules Of Blogging




  1. Be Kind- To yourself & others. We like to keep things positive here so please don’t be unkind towards anyone else. If you want to include a picture of someone else please do not name them without permission- We want to keep everyone safe online.


  1. Be Brave- This is a place to record your creative journey please do your best to add to it regularly. These blogs will stay here for a while but if content is not uploaded for 6 months or more we reserve the right to take it down to allow others to use the facility.


  1. Think before you post: When uploading images or files please credit photographers/ artists/ websites you got them from. Many people in the creative business live on royalties and copyright- it is nice to give them credit for their creativity just as you might expect for yourself.


  1. Keep an eye on these golden rules. They may change or added to at any point. From time to time we will monitor content and will edit or take down any posts that do not follow the golden rules.


  1. Enjoy!