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 2018 Summer School Programme

June 9th

June 16th June 23rd  June 30th
Photography Printmaking Surface Textiles Machine Sew
Ceramics Part 1 -Make HulaWeave Textiles Modroc Sculpture Cyanotype


Ceramics Part 2 - Glaze is on Friday 22nd June at 5-7pm at Workshop 305, SW19.



Photography- With Niki

You can bring Cameras & Phones. Niki will take you through composition, props & more in a fun filled how to session.

Ceramics Part 1 - Make- With Bella..need some inspiration? look here for ideas.

You will learn some clay techniques and make all sorts of ceramic creations that you will glaze in Ceramics Part 2- Glaze. (on Friday 22nd June from 5-7pm)

Printmaking- With Dom...need some inspiration? Look here for some ideas.

An introduction to relief printmaking.

HulaWeave Textiles - with Alex...need some inspriration? Look here for some 

Introduction to Weaving using frames & hula hoops to create lovely rugs/ hanging panels.

Surface Textiles- with Amy

From design to printing on Fabric.

Modroc Sculpture- with Bella...need some inspiration? Look here for some ideas.

Introduction to sculpture. We will make an armature & then cover with plaster bandage ready for your to paint. Its fun and its messy so please wear old clothes!

Machine Sewing- with Keiko

Introduction to using the sewing machine to make a simple item. Bring fabric or some fabric you may have made. 

Cyanotype- with Bella...need some inspiration? Look here for some ideas.

We will create images using this simple mix of photography & printmaking.


We suggest that you come along to as many as you can no matter what your area of interest as you will find it will inform all of your work & you will also have fun and learn new techniques!

Please book via Parentpay. 



As part of our programme we run a range of workshops.

From extreme textiles through to ceramics and drama.


Adults Introduction To A Creative Journey

We held an introduction workshop for the adults of participating children.

Adults learned to take creative risks, experiment and to question how it made them feel in order to stand in the shoes of their child.

The intention is that this helps start the creative journey with it's best foot forward and helps ensure an adults support for their participating child.

Adults were introduced to a few different printing techniques with no requirement for aptitude or talent- just a willingness to participate. We focused on flowers as a common theme and made sure we had colour and different materials that everyone could have a go with and a broad range of artists to look at as examples of styles used- from Georgia O' Keeffe to Howard Hodgkin. 

Interested in seeing what the children do?


Ceramics Workshop

We looked at artists that use ceramics

We went on to learn some clay techniques and work on our own creations.

Textiles Workshop

Experimenting with Block Print & Weaving.

We looked at inspirational textile artists

And also learnt some techniques to create our own work.

Tile making

A small workshop with children trying out a few clay techniques and then painting with acrylic paint (with a top coat of waterproof varnish).

The children chose what they would make their tiles about and how they painted them.

What happened in their brains?

  • Mastery - techniques with clay

  • Communication- discussing and deciding what their work would focus on.

  • Relaxation- their happy hormone seratonin was raised during the  workshop through focusing on an activity and the joy of mastering a new skill.